Miradelle Flora and Fauna


Biarahm Vines – A tough plant found underneath the sand in the deserts. These plants grow and weave over each other, making surfaces for sand to pile up on top.

Whil Lillies – A flower prized by the humans as a medicinal herb. Whil Lillies numb pain and act as a salve for burns or cuts.

Pipper Tails – Thick stalks with a big brown orb on top. Marls form their travel paths along large swathes of pipper tails because they help slow down or obscure potential predators.

Water Bulbs – A large red fruit that grows in ponds and lakes. While popular with humans and Marls due to their sweet taste, the Ishtu often save up water bulbs for celebrations.

Cathlin Shrubs – These desert-dwelling shrubs crops up by previous resting places of the Ishtu and the humans. It seems their seeds travel on barbs and soak up remaining water left behind at camps.


Pippers – Pippers are similar to dogs in their protective and comforting natures. They are almost always brought along on long journeys because of their extremely sensitive senses.

Rathclaws – A winged animal that stays mostly hidden in the forests. They are extremely loud and annoying, making camping near a rathclaw nest almost impossible.

Salandars – Long, snake-like desert creatures, salandars are often companions of the Ishtu. They enjoy sunbathing and rolling around in the warm sand.

Wilongs – Wilongs are large and frisky fish that have infested almost every water source. While great for providing meat to towns, they are the ire of fishermen.

Moocows – Farm animals that serve almost every purpose. They are pretty much exactly what you would imagine.


Salandars are almost the only creature besides the Ishtu that attempts to live in the deserts of Miradelle. Ishtu children like to say that salandars pull up the sun with their rope-like bodies, but really salandars just love the sun and push to the top of the sand as soon as it comes out. They slither along the top of sand looking for cathlin shrubs and biarahm vines, and its not uncommon to watch a whole sand dune collapse and dozens of salandars pop out. They’ve formed a bit of a symbiotic relationship with the Ishtu, as the Ishtu help clear pathways for them through the sand. In return the salandars will catch small rodents and fish as offerings. Some Ishtu even keep salandars as pets, though it is understood that any catches are to be shared with the group.

Whil Lillies are beautiful white plants that are treasured by human doctors. They only bloom during a specific season of the year under the right circumstances – and humans are known to camp out in front of whil trees to try to be the first to snatch a bloom. Humans haven’t been able to create the right type of environment in their towns, so the discovery of new whil trees is always a big deal. Whenever humans venture out to build a new town, they bring cuttings of whil trees to plant in hopes of creating a more stable supply of medicines.


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