Miradelle Magic

Magic in Miradelle is a gift from the gods that is intrinsically linked to that creature’s relationship with Nabi, Jotur, or Ranuk. The first instance of magic being used was by a village elder from the Ishtu, who journeyed into the desert to pray to Nabi for guidance. When she returned, the elder was able to manipulate the sand to reach the water underneath, as well as being able to follow and create guiding winds for the others in her community.

The Ishtu are not inherently magical people. Those who do not wish to use magic do not have to, or can worship in ways that show Nabi their unwillingness to conjure. However magic does play a large part in the leadership of the Ishtu. Those that have the strongest connection to Nabi typically have the strongest magic, and both of these qualities make them valuable to the whole group. The Ishtu’s magic is primarily related to manipulation of the wind and air through precise movements and prayers. Once a connection with Nabi is formed, an Ishtu has minor control over the air around them. This works well for menial tasks such as shaking the sand out of packs or drying clothes. Nabi bestows more powerful magic unto those that she knows best and trusts, meaning those that forge stronger connections to her typically end up with enhanced abilities.

However the Marls of the North do not see their abilities as magic. Since Jotur created the Marls out of stone, they already had enhanced strength and don’t take much damage from the world around them. And while they often see their wishes come true, they don’t seem to have much control over any magic. If anything, their lucky pendants merely call Jotur’s attention when they are in need. But with Nabi’s increasing worry over the humans, Jotur has considered spreading his manipulation over the ground to his creations.

Ranuk’s humans are different from both the Ishtu and the Marls. First thought to be merely magicless, purposeless beings, recent developments have shown that Ranuk indeed gave the humans control over her element, water. And while the Ishtu pray and the Marls wish, almost every human has shown some sort of capability of manipulating water without Ranuk’s guidance. They have made advancements to their physical techniques quickly and share them with each other, leading to styles of magic that  are highly personalized.

The human’s magic is also in tune with their emotions. Since they do not have guidance, they are pretty much making the rules up as they go along and are constantly pushing the boundaries of what their magic can and cannot do. Water magic with good intent can be used to heal or restore, while sadness can lead to wilting and drowning. An angry human can potentially wield the most powerful magic seen in Miradelle. They can shape the earth with streams and rivers and cloud the air with rain.


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