Miradelle – Timeline

240 BDM (Before the Dawn of Man) – Miradelle is found by the seafaring Ishtu ancestors. They begin a settlement on the Western shore of the H’ndall Plains.

227 BDM – The first Listener channels the spirit of the desert, Nabi, to help the Ishtu find a source of water. Nabi draws the Ishtu farther into the desert.

221 BDM – The Ishtu settlement is destroyed, they become a nomadic culture following the will of Nabi.

168 BDM – The Marls are plucked from the mountains by the spirit of the forest, Jotur. They begin their first settlement in Maris.

145 BDM – Marls travel Westward towards the tundra of Forgeth. They uncover numerous jewels and gemstones.

143 BDM – The Marls reach Pirell and set up a mining system. Half of the group return to Maris for supplies, beginning their tradition of migration.

0 ADM – Mankind is created by the spirit of the ocean, Ranuk.

7 ADM – Mankind has wandered aimlessly into the surrounding areas. Nabi directs the Ishtu to their settlement in the north of the H’ndall Plains while “luck” guides the Marls to an outcropping of humans lost in the forests of Lillaw. The Ishtu do not interfere with the humans, while the Marls direct the humans out of the forest.

22 ADM – The humans establish their first town in Kilth, inviting the Marls to trade precious metals and gems in exchange for new foods and goods.

38 ADM – The humans once more set out from Kilth – this time journeying East to the peninsula where they will construct Riphora.

50 ADM – As the humans build their fortress in the East, scouting troops once again go to the H’ndall Plains. A confrontation sends the Ishtu further into the desert.

64 ADM – Present Day. The humans have continued their colonization of the Plains and forest. Some younger Marls have begun living in human colonies as blacksmiths or laborers. The Listeners warn of the wrath of Ranuk.


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