Miradelle – Geography and Climate

Miradelle’s different races have all effected the climate around them. The desert-dwelling Ishtu have a reverence for their arid, sandy home. Since they derive their magic from the desert spirit, they feel it necessary to nurture the H’ndall plains in return. The Ishtu create oasis for the comfort of travelers while remaining nomadic themselves to avoid any permanent damage to their homelands.

The Marls have been “lucky” enough to settle in some of the most fertile lands – either rich in nutrients and soil in the forests or rich in minerals and gems in the tundra. They adapt their living patterns depending on the time of year, and Marls have been known to migrate to the respective opposites of their villages over time. A Marl may spend the summer farming and gathering, then bring the food and goods they produce back to their tundra home for winter.

The humans, having just recently begun to expand beyond their initial borders, have had the most profound impact on the ecology thus far. Since spreading from their first major city, Riphora, humans have attempted to make their surroundings compatible with their lifestyle. Those who have moved to the H’ndall plains have built up large walls to combat the wind and dust storms, as well as tapping underground reservoirs for water to farm.

Those who ventured north cleared out forests for new villages or began to herd and breed wild animals. The Marls have tried to stay out of the way of Human expansion so as to stay friendly with Humans who have exchanged goods with them and provided new luxuries.

The overuse of Miradelle’s resources has become the main source of conflict between groups. The humans seem unwilling to learn new methods of conservation, while the Marls and Ishtu have not developed the technology to alleviate the strain caused by overuse.


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