Miradelle – Overview

Miradelle is an Earth-like world inhabited primarily by three different races and cultures. The first are the Ishtu, an Elven race that resides in the desert region of the H’ndall Plains They are governed by a group of religious leaders called The Listeners, prophets and priests that interpret the will of the spirit of the desert, Nabi. The common Ishtu are capable of minor magic, while The Listeners are able to invoke more advanced magic and minor miracles. They have been able to survive the harsh desert conditions because of this magic, and believe themselves to be indebted to serve Nabi in exchange for her protection.

The second race is that of the Marls. These tiny, troll-like creatures live in both the forest underbrush and the lower tundra of Forgeth. They differ from the Ishtu in that they recognize no spirits or Gods, instead believing only in luck. Many human villages consider it a good omen to have a Marl pass through, as they always bring good luck with them. Although they get along fairly well with the Humans, there has always been hostility between the Marls and the Ishtu. The two groups rarely interact due to their locations, thankfully.

The last of the races are the Humans. They’re similar to the Humans found on Earth and are regarded with at least passive acceptance by the Ishtu and Marls.

While the three races have lived in mostly peace for hundreds of years, the expansion of the humans has led to unrest. Human societies are getting too large and unwieldy for their primitive governments, and the strain on resources has created conflict. The Listeners find it harder and harder to hear Nabi near Human outposts. Marls have strayed from their homes and now more frequently take up residence in Human villages. Many Marl elders have bemoaned the end of an age of Marl self-reliance, calling the new generation “entitled and lazy.”

More humans are questioning the need for compromise. And in secret, some meet to try to learn how to listen to the spirits so they may also wield magic like the Ishtu.


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