Cierreria – Overview

The Abandoned Planet

Decades after the humans of Earth began their extraterrestrial colonization ships finally landed on Cierreria. The jungle planet was nestled away in a corner of the “Midas” galaxy – named for the wealth of resources found on its planets. The humans began expansion into Cierreria and started constructing a new city: Javosis.

The native race, the Rylans, kept their distance. Even in their isolated part of the galaxy they had heard stories of the humans – their cruelty, their ignorance, and their fleeting intentions. If the Rylans could just avoid conflict with the humans, the humans would leave in their own time. And they were right in their own way. The city of Javosis stopped growing. Ships stopped coming.

But the humans remained. They had nowhere else to go. The Earth had been destroyed.

In retaliation for their expansion into the wider universe, a coalition of planets launched an attack on the human homeworld. There was to be no more colonization. But those left behind on Cierreria had no recourse. They weren’t soldiers or politicians, they were construction workers. They weren’t trained to use the few weapons they had been sent with “for protection” – they didn’t even know what they were supposed to protect themselves from. No one had ventured farther than the construction site.

But now was a critical junction for both groups. Their meeting could spell either ruin or refuge. The circumstances surrounding them were more similar than they could know, but the future of Cierreria would be integral to their survival.


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